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6. International Conference on Salutogenesis


To enable broader, active participation in the 6th International Conference on Salutogenesis held on April 14th and 15th, 2020 in Zurich, Switzerland, we extended the deadline for abstract submission to September 25th, 2019. The conference aims for a broad exchange of scientists and experts around the world with the aim to advance theory and research on Salutogenesis.

Zeitschrift für Salutogenese und anthropologische Medizin

Der Mensch (in German only)

Die Zeitschrift "Der Mensch" wird vom Dachverband für Salutogenese herausgegeben und
ist ein multidisziplinäres Forum und Sprachrohr für Gedanken und Erfahrungen, die eine gesunde Entwicklung des Menschen samt seiner Lebenswelten im Auge haben. Jedes Heft hat ein Leitthema, in der aktuellen Ausgabe beispielsweise das Thema "Resonanzen". Über den Link gelangen Sie zur aktuellen Ausgabe sowie zum Archiv.

A position article

Future directions for the concept of Salutogenesis:

The position paper by illustrating the four key conceptual issues to be advanced in Saltugenesis has just been published in Health Promotion International. All authors are members of the Global Working Group on Salutogenesis
(GWG-Sal) of the International Union of Health Promotion and
Education (IUHPE).

Salutogenese kenne und verstehen

Buch - Neuerscheinung

Konzept, Stellenwert, Forschung und praktische Anwendung Claudia Meier Magistretti (Hrsg.)Bengt Lindström, Monica Eriksson

Theory and Practice

Master's Programme in Global development

The Master's Programme in Global development at the University of Bergen is now accepting applications. The programme is entirely in English and tuition will be covered for all accepted students. A specialisation can be obtained in Health Promotion or Gender in Global Development. 

Center of Salutogenesis opened in Zurich

Center of Salutogenesis

On September 8, the president of the University of Zurich Prof. Michael Hengartner and the director of EBPI Prof. Milo Puhan launched the “Center of Salutogenesis”. The Center under the lead of Prof. Georg Bauer will advance and promote Salutogenesis.

Advancing Salutogenesis towards thriving societies

6th International Conference on Salutogenesis

Zurich, April 14-15, 2020

The conference aims to advance theory and research on Salutogenesis and to share and discuss innovative approaches in the four topic areas. ​

Following five successful International Research Seminars on Salutogenesis (Helsinki 2008 & 2009, Geneva 2010, Tröllhattan 2011 & 2012), the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE), its Global Working Group on Salutogenesis , the Society for Theory and Research on Salutogenesis (STARS), and the Center of Salutogenesis (CoS) of the University of Zurich (UZH) are pleased to invite you to participate in the Sixth International Conference on Salutogenesis.

Implementing sustainable development goals for healthy local governance

28th ETC-PHHP Summer Course 2019

Girona, Spain, July 14-26, 2019

The learning approach is based on salutogenic principles using a Pan-European perspective.

The European Training Consortium in Public Health and Health Promotion (ETC-PHHP) has organized the annual summer school focused on developing practical and theoretical tools to enhance health promotion strategies in Europe since 1991. The course is conducted at the post-graduate (Master) level and constitutes 200 hours of formal study. The theme will be ‘Implementing sustainable development goals for healthy local governance’.

10th IUHPE European Conference and International Forum for Health Promotion Research

IUHPE 2018

Trondheim, Norway, Sep 24-26, 2018

The Global Working Group on Salutogenesis will be present with a symposium on Sep 25th.

Under the title “Implementing Health Promotion in the Life Course - User Involvement in Practice and Research”, this conference aims to strengthen the role of health promotion in Europe as a source of innovative practices that are based on solid evidence by gathering health promotion practitioners, researchers and policy makers.

Ways into a new culture of health

Salutogenesis Symposium 2018

Goettingen (Germany), May 4-6, 2018

The symposium of the umbrella association for salutogenesis (Dachverband für Salutogenese e.V. ) from May 4-6 will address the topic of salutogenesis in health and ways for innovative and sustainable approaches to health and healthcare.

Lifecourse health development: Empowering people and settings

ETC-PHHP Summer Course 2018

Perugia (Italy), May-July 2018

The 2018 Summer School will consist of eight learning weeks: the first six weeks will be delivered as a distance-learning module commencing May 5th 2018, followed by a two-week intensive course with morning and afternoon sessions.