Beside the original full 29-item and the shortened 13-item versions of the Orientation to Life Questionnaire (OLQ), other variations of SOC measures were developed. These include questionnaires with a different number of items (such as the German SOC-L9 Leipzig version), as well as questionnaires intended to measure SOC at the family (SOFC), community (SOCC) and national (SONC) levels. There is also a questionnaire designed for children of ages 5-10 (CSOC).

These questionnaires are available in the following languages:  SOC-6: English, Swedish; SOC-9/SOC-L9: English, German; SOC-16: English; SOC-26: German; CSOC-19: English, Hebrew, Swedish; CSOC-21: Swedish; SOCC-7: English; SOCC-8: English; SOFC-12: English; SONC-8: English, Hebrew; The Future Scale (from SOC): English.

Please refer to the dedicated section in the forum regarding questions about the use of the SOC scales and post any unanswered questions there.

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Validation studies

  • Ngai, F. W., & Ngu, S. F. (2011). Translation and validation of a Chinese version of the family sense of coherence scale in Chinese childbearing families. Nursing research, 60(5), 295-301.