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The mission of STARS is to advance and promote the science of Salutogenesis. 

Scientific exchange

STARS provides a transdisciplinary platform for scientific exchange between researchers in the field of Salutogenesis. The society is a bridge between the International Union for Health Promotion and Education's (IUHPE) Global Working Group on Salutogenesis (GWG), and the broader scientific community working in areas other than health promotion. 


The Handbook of Salutogenesis (2016) illustrates the broad range of social issues to which Salutogenesis is applied: conflict resolution and peace initiatives, intergroup relations, restorative environments, work life, organization development, education, corrections, architecture, and many aspects of health promotion and disease and illness prevention and treatment. 

Therefore, the GWG establishes STARS as a way to connect scholars from diverse disciplines, who share an interest in the science of Salutogenesis. 

Open membership 

STARS welcomes anyone with an interest in the science of Salutogenesis! Having published one or more Salutogenesis articles is not a condition of membership. Become a member now!

Sharing principle

STARS members are encouraged to share their publications as well as news and events on salutogenesis.


The Global Working Group on Salutogenesis of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) was established in 2007 at the IUHPE General Assembly, in Vancouver, Canada. To better advance and promote the science of salutogenesis within and beyond health promotion, the Global Working Group founded STARS in 2017 as a transdisciplinary platform.



The Global Working Group is in charge of continuously advancing the STARS website and the STARS activities. The Center of Salutogenesis at the University of Zurich, Switzerland is coordinating STARS.

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