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Unraveling the Mystery of Health

Aaron Antonovsky

By signing this copyright form, I hereby agree to the following terms and conditions, to be fulfilled upon receiving, free of charge, a personal copy of the electronic version of the book entitled Unraveling the mystery of health (1987) by Aaron Antonovsky:

  1. The book is for my own personal or professional use, and I understand there are visible and hidden identifiers in my copy.

  2. I am not allowed to copy or reproduce, in any form, the book or any part of it, except for brief quotation (less than one page) in a review or professional work (with appropriate acknowledgment), without written permission from the copyright holder.

  3. The copyright of the book remains solely in the hands of Dr. Avishai Antonovsky.

  4. I may print up to two copies of the book, for my own personal use.

  5. Receiving the book does not include permission to use the Orientation to Life (Sense of Coherence) Questionnaire. Any use of the questionnaire requires a separate permission request, which can be filed on the STARS web site.

Please complete the following information, which will be used only for learning about a few professional and sociodemographic characteristics of the readers of the book and for making personal contact if necessary. No information will be shared with third parties and no personal information will appear on the STARS web site. Mandatory fields are marked with an asterisk (*).

Please enter all required information

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