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Welcome to the homepage of the Society for Theory And Research on Salutogenesis (STARS)! The Society was founded by the Global Working Group (GWG) on Salutogenesis of the International Union for Health Promotion and Education (IUHPE) in 2017. Its overarching aim is to advance and promote the science of Salutogenesis by connecting research and researches around the globe.


On this website, you can find more information about STARS, follow recent news and events on Salutogenesis, and learn about upcoming conferences. Also, you can become a member of the STARS. Membership is entirely free, and there are no preconditions, such as having published articles on Salutogenesis. Members have free access to the Sense of Coherence (SOC) Scales and can follow and contribute to ongoing discussions about Salutogenesis on the forum.

We invite everyone to download the freely accessible classic books by Aaron Antonovsky and the Handbook of Salutogenesis, published by the GWG in 2017, which provides an in-depth overview of the most recent scientific developments and practical applications of Salutogenesis in its broadest sense.


The Center of Salutogenesis at the University of Zurich in Switzerland is coordinating the STARS Society website. We invite all of you to share publications or any other work and updates on Salutogenesis, thereby advancing and promoting the science of Salutogenesis in a comprehensible, manageable, and meaningful way.

You can follow STARS on Twitter to learn about recently published studies on Salutogenesis and get regular updates related to STARS.

The Latest News and Events

Der Mensch: Neue Ausgabe! (mostly in German, two papers in English)

Journal of Salutogenesis and Anthropological Medicine

The journal "Der Mensch" is published by the umbrella association Salutogenesis and is a multidisciplinary forum and mouthpiece for thoughts and experiences that focus on the healthy development of people and their living environments. Each issue has a guiding theme; the current issue is about the question "What the Corona Crisis might once have been good for". The journal contains contributions by authors from Switzerland, Austria, Germany and - in English - from the Netherlands and Poland. The journal can be ordered as a print version, articles from previous issues can also be downloaded directly. For more information, please click on the link below.

GWG Salutogenesis webinar for the 70th Anniversary of IUHPE

Applying Salutogenesis for Health Promotion, Principles and Experiences of Positive Action

22/04/2021, 2 pm CET

This webinar aims to engage participants in an interactive discussion sharing how Salutogenesis principles can be used to design action strategies in health promotion. The session will bring to light the aims and activities of the Global Working Group on Salutogenesis and their contribution of a salutogenic approach to the IUHPE and other scientific programs. The speakers will critically consider how we can apply Salutogenesis principles to design action strategies using three examples from the field including conflict settings, health promotion contexts, and in politics and policy making.